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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Google Scholar: free scholarly citation search tool

Recently the news item in Nature 438,400; 2005 has reported about the launching of new product Google Base, in addition to this other free web-based services such as Google Scholar (GS), Google Print are launched by Google. GS, launched in November 2004 was a good news (Nature 432,423; 2004) for scholars, especially to search scholarly literature and its citations. Generally citation searching is not available for many authors due to high subscription prices of citation databases. Recently a paper (P. Jacso. Curr. Sci. 89,1537; 2005) which has discussed the comparative study among available web-based citation search tools i.e. Web of Science, Scopus and GS, has reported GS was updated in April after a 6 month period. Free services through World Wide Web may be an attempt to resolve the barrier against free flow of information, but their lack of updatedness and improper retrieval of search results create question regarding their reliability specially in case of scholarly literature. So instead of helping users they may mislead in cost of time and resources.


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